The idea is the most valuable fruit of the mind.Human History has developed with ideas and today's technology has come up with ideas. In nowadays the people who have ideas or projects go to the bank when they need for resources. But banks evaluate the credibility of the person, not evaluating their the ideas. Even if the credibility of the project owner is sufficient,the projects income cannot able to pay the Project owner's credit in time.Due to the time cost of the marketing process,the profitrate is very low.Banks should be the institutions, which do not grant loans against interest to the institutions through the money that created for the jam, become partners to that institution against the fund that they provided through their own resources,and should distribute the profit that they obtained from this to the depositors by supporting the real sector. Like so, they will direct the investors whom they regarded as the shareholders in this respect to favourable investments and will serve the real and reliable growth of the economy. The bank will be involved in the money generation process by acting as an entrepreneur. Inaddition to providingfunding,banks should also choose astrategic sector (like high tech sector that almeela choose ) in which they will operate, as they will exhibit entrepreneurial behaviour and they should only meet funding requirements from that sector. Thus, the banks will also specialize in the sectors they have chosen and they will reduce the time cost by managing the partnership process more efectively and quickly.

It is also inevitable for changing of banking system at developing world.In addition to the privileges provided by the blockchain, it is also important to change the banking philosophy. İnstead of uncontrolled Money supply, credits and financialbubbles, A new interest-free banking system in which the value of money is determined by supply and demand is only possible with the existence of blockchain technology. Entrepreneurial spirit is one of the most powerful driving forces in business which brings a positive contribution to both economies and societies. Many people wish to start their own company and become an entrepreneur but consider it out of their reach. Although they have keen and bright ideas, they may lack the resources and funds required to successfully transform those ideas into actual projects.

And that’s where ICOs come in. An ICO proved to be a remarkable alternative and transparent tool in supporting projects with the use of blockchain technology. With blockchain technology you have been given the opportunity to carry out financial transactions yourself, with more reliability than a bank can ever give you.That is why many tens of millions of people worldwide are already attracted to ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology is used mainly in the financial and tech world, but this is just a glitch of the true potential. In the near future, industries like healthcare, judicial or transportation will experience alot of changes.

The Almeela is a blockchain-based decentralized funding platform Which gives startup budget for high tech projects with its own equityand become a partner with the Project it fund. We are evaluating the credibility of individuals or entities that are seeking funds according to the applicability oft he idea, not to the past credit payment performance.

Forus, the idea owners are not only customers but are also our travel companions. One of the most important factors in the increase of interest rates in the countries is the current account deficit. The demand for importation of high technology products it is one of the main reasons for the current account deficit. The current balance will be achieved when these products are exported, while the production of advanced technology products by the countries through their national capital will make the effect causing the reduction of current account deficit.If it is a country without any current account deficit then it will not be obliged to borrow, and its dependence on the existing banking system will be reduced.

After giving startup budget, the ICO process is initiated for the project established with the support of Almeela. In this Process, support is obtained from the technological sub-structure and experience of Almeela Funding Platform. The Projects offer their crypto shares to the public through the ICO process. Investors, who have crypto stocks in their hands, receive their share of the profits earned by the Projects on a monthly basis. The system we have developed enables the creation of crypto stocks and the rapid access of investors all over the world. A platform where crypto stocks operate in a decentralized market Will be the first phase of future capital market.


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